Windows 10

Windows 10 , Why is it different !


Windows 10 will be released on 29th July.   You may have noticed the Micorsoft have jumped over a number going straight from the current Windows 8 to Windows 10.


This jump is to signify a new change coming from Microsoft


In the past to get windows on your PC you would buy it , take it home , install it and use it as your operating system (or more likely you would buy a new PC and it would come with windows already installed) *the shop having bought it from micorsoft and installed it for you.


This meant that when Microsoft released a new version of windows, you were unlikely to go and buy it. Most people subscribing to the “if it isn’t broke, don’t try to fixt it” mantra. And most not wanting to spend the time, money or hassle to upgrade their computer to the new version of windows.


Companies are even worse with having to test that each windows version would work well with their software, meaning they were even slower to upgrade and generally stuck with older versions for much longer.

This meant that


  1. Microsoft did not sell as many new versions as they would have liked
  2. Microsoft had many different versions of Windows out in the market that they had to support




All change with windows 10


Microsoft have made a massive change with Windows 10, instead of making and selling a specific version ie Windows 7, Windows 10 will be a constantly upgrading system.

What does that mean?


Here are a few things different about this release:



  • It will be FREE to upgrade to windows 10 . During the first year after release (if you are using windows 7 / 8 or 8.1)


At this time my understanding is that if you upgrade for free during the one year upgraded time period it will remain free for life.

After the year you will have to buy it. My guess is it will move to a rental price structure (similar to Office 365) of so much per month, instead of a one off purchase moving from windows being a product to it being a service. .. Prices are yet to be released but watch this space.

This is very clever of Microsoft to make sure everyone is using the same version of Windows and they no longer have to support multiple versions


  • It will be a downloadable update via the windows update system so there is nothing you need to do to get it

Selling a copy only when someone bought a new pc was quite limiting to its sales. Making it easy for everyone to get a copy and install is another clever move from Microsoft


  • It will be the last “actual” release of windows that Microsoft “create”

The idea from now on is that instead of releasing new versions, they will just release updates, so that as new features are built they can be downloaded and installed straight away to users PCs.




How do i get the update?


Soon you will notice a Square appear in the bottom right corner of your task bar.

Click this square, and then click “reserve my free upgrade”

Then just sit back and wait until end of July